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Our Team

Meet your Dedicated Financial Experts

Cliff Steele - The Steele Group

Financial Planner

Mario Mota - The Steele Group

Financial Planner

Mark Wiesel - The Steele Group

Financial Planner

Meet the team

Neel Aggarwal - The Steele Group

Estate and Insurance Specialist

Kelsey Fullerton - The Steele Group

Manager Client Services & Resource Planning

Katie O'Neill - The Steele Group

Manager Compliance

Cintia Mota - The Steele Group

Team Lead


Service Associate

Nekesha Auld-Howell - The Steele Group

Service Associate

Patrick O'Rourke - The Steele Group

Service Associate


Service Associate


Client Services Specialist

Our History


The Founding

Norm Steele entered the industry via Mutual Life's back office, serving clients directly for their financial planning needs and started providing group services. This office was one of the earlier firms adopting a fee based model with no embedded commissions on clients investments.


First Major Dealership Change

Back office services changed from Mutual Life to Clarica, increasing the total offerings to our clients

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