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11 Jan 2019

The Steele Group’s 2019 Market Update

Following over two years of straight up growth, the markets have now returned to more normal periods of volatility. While these are a regular and expected part of market activity, it’s never a good feeling to experience.

Full story at thesteelegroup.ca

19 Oct 2018

The Steele Group’s Q3 2018 E-Newsletter

During a period characterized largely by trade uncertainty, global asset markets delivered mixed results for the third quarter of 2018, with the U.S. equity market reaching new highs and outpacing many of its global counterparts.

Full story at thesteelegroup.ca

01 May 2018

The Steele Group’s Q1 2018 E-Newsletter

Global capital markets experienced marked turbulence for the first time in more than a year in the first quarter of 2018. What follows is a brief summary of how some of the major markets and asset classes performed during the period.

Full story at thesteelegroup.ca

06 Feb 2018

The Steele Group’s Feb 2018 Market Update

Market Graphic (146 x 70)On Friday we saw a large drop of 2.12% on the S&P 500, 1.61% on the TSX and 2.54% on the Dow Jones. This was a reaction due to stronger than expected employment numbers from the US job report, meaning that the unemployment rate in the US is lower and more importantly lower than expected, which is a great thing. But when there is any unexpected news the market reacts positively or negatively – in this case it was negative.

Full story at thesteelegroup.ca

22 Jan 2018

The Steele Group’s Q4 2017 E-Newsletter

Q1 Graphic (146 x 70)Most global equity markets registered healthy results in the fourth quarter of 2017, capping off a strong showing for the year as they responded to encouraging economic data, low interest rates, tepid inflation and expanding corporate activity.

Full story at thesteelegroup.ca

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