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How to setup your online access

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Thank you for choosing to work with The Steele Group and trusting our team with your financial future.

If you would like to have online access to your investment accounts, you can click "Client Login" in the top right hand side of our website. We’ve included a tutorial video to help with any questions you may have on setting up your account:

When you click register, you will see the following page:

This page willl ask for your Web Login ID. This can be found on your first quarterly statement which will include instructions on how to setup your online account or you can click "Don't know your Login ID". You will be prompted to answer a few security questions. You can also contact our office if you cannot find your web login ID or assante investment account number.

Once your account is setup, you have the option to share your profile with a spouse, business partner, or anyone that you trust with your personal information. This is a new feature for our clients and it is intended for households where one person would like to have full visablity to all household accounts. To enable this option you have to click "Profile" at the top of your page when logged in:

From here you can click “Shareview”. At the bottom of this page there is a “Add New Recipient” which will allow you to select the informaiton you are comfortable sharing.

Once completed and accepted by the other party, you will be able to have one login with visablity on all accounts.

As always, please feel free to contact our office if you require assitance.


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