Educating employees is an essential part of implementing your benefits plan, as well to ensure ongoing understanding and appreciation. Financial matters can be confusing to anyone, and our goal is to make sure your employees understand and appreciate the benefits your organization is providing.

You’re responsible for ensuring your plan members have the information and tools to understand their program.

Choose the formats that best work for you – group sessions, lunch and learns, web-casts or web learning.
These seminars give employees the opportunity to ask questions, reducing the chance of any misunderstanding or confusion.

We offer a range of workplace seminar topics including:

  • Your Benefits Plan

  • Your Retirement Savings Plan

  • Sources of Retirement Income

  • Building a Financial Plan

  • Investment Planning

  • How to Develop an Investment Strategy

  • Budgeting

  • Estate Planning

  • Saving For Children Education

Choose the formats that best work for you – lunch and learns, group session, newsletters, payroll stuffers, web-casts or web learning. These seminars can be offered as part of a benefits program or on a stand-alone basis on a variety of financial topics.

We can help you develop an education plan for your plan members. Contact us to get started.