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Washington D.C.’s trials, tribulations and prospects for 2021

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

On Friday, January 29 The Steele Group welcomed Greg Valliere, leading Washington Insider, for a candid discussion of Washington D.C.’s trials, tribulations and prospects for 2021.

During the call we discussed:

• Life after Trump; his impact on US politics and where does the GOP go from here?

• Next four years: What a Biden presidency means for the US market and economy.

• The policy impact and implications of a Democratic-controlled Congress.

• Stimulus: Will it be enough or will we need more to bolster the economic recovery.

• Geopolitical tensions with Iran and China, what will be different under Biden?

• The recent media craze over GameStop and potential outcomes of this event.

About Greg Valliere:

As AGF’s US Policy Strategist and a 40 year Washington Insider, Greg provides our team with insight into the in workings of US politics. This is a rare treat to hear from one of the most quoted Washington insiders in today’s media. BNN, CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, and Barron’s, to name a few. Greg has contacts in all branches of government as well as the media. As we live through one of the most challenging times since the war era, Greg offers perspective on how the administration has dealt with the pandemic, as well as his take on current global geopolitics. Greg’s insights are very topical and relevant, especially when speaking to investors.

Should you be interested in being added to Greg’s newsletter, Capitol Insights, please click the following link:

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