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Perspective on Investing Globally

On Thursday September 23rd, our team hosted Michael Hughes who runs BMO’s Concentrated Global Equity Portfolio out of Geneva Switzerland for his perspective into

global investment markets.

During the call we discussed:

• Insights into global investment markets

• Has there been an impact on investment philosophies being used due to Covid

• Global themes such as disruptions taking place from technology and changes in the global trade with China and recent events with Evergrande

• How much of an impact is ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) have on the investment industry

• Why downside protection is important?

About Michael Hughes:

Michael joined GuardCap in 2014 in the role of Senior Vice President and Client Portfolio Manager. Prior to this he spent 4 years at Trinity Street Asset Management, a global investment boutique where he helped grow AUM from $300 million to $1.8 billion. Michael’s tenure includes Managing Director at JPMorgan Asset Management where he was responsible for the product management of $72 billion of European Equity Fund assets. Prior to this, he was portfolio manager and product manager for the Emerging Market Group of JPMorgan. He holds a joint honours degree in modern languages from the University of Bristol.

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