07 Aug 2013

Working their way back from debt

This family almost lost it all, and had to start fresh. But was it too late for them?  You can start a retirement plan with me today, and make sure you’re prepared for your retirement.

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24 Jul 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 Cambridge Canada Day Parade Winners!


Best Band Entry: Preston Scout House
Best Corporate Entry: Cambridge KIPS Gymnastics
Best Community Entry: United Caribbean Association of Cambridge
PAT BAKER Founder’s Award: Cambridge Portuguese Community

Proudly sponsored by The Steele Group Financial

24 Jul 2013

In case you missed it! An article from last year has some detailed ideas about retirement savings strategies.  Here it is:

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05 Jun 2013

The Value of Financial Planning

“Having a comprehensive financial plan with the guidance of a CFP® professional can provide a road map towards greater financial and emotional well-being. We urge Canadians to take control of their finances by talking to a CFP professional about their goals and financial planning needs.”

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24 May 2013

Saving money: Putting cash away for a rainy day key in uncertain times

An excellent article about saving, with 5 practical tips, and link to an info graph depicting the value of starting early.

“I’m in a funny spot. Some friends want to buy a house or get married; they’ve even started an RRSP,” says Jesse Montgomery. “And, on the other side of things, a lot of people I know aren’t in the position to even start thinking about saving.

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