23 Oct 2019

The Steele Group’s Q3 2019 E-Newsletter

Managing through uncertainty is what we do and Q3 of 2019 has proven rife with unpredictability. But this is to be expected in an environment of experimental monetary policy, negative yields/low discount rates, elevated debt levels, inverted yield curves, trade wars, and slowing global economic growth.

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03 Jul 2019

The Steele Group’s Q2 2019 E-Newsletter

Coming off a very strong start to the year in the first quarter, global capital markets
continued to chart a generally positive course through the second quarter of 2019. Although ongoing trade disputes unsettled investors for much of the period, equity markets around the globe moved higher, while bond prices also climbed as central banks maintained an easy monetary policy stance.

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04 Jun 2019

The Steele Group’s Q1 2019 E-Newsletter

Global capital markets reversed course after a notably difficult end to 2018, rebounding strongly to post mainly positive results for the first quarter of 2019. Equity markets appeared to be lifted by the prospect of easier monetary policy, while bond markets benefited from economic data showing slowing global growth.

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16 Jan 2019

The Steele Group’s Q4 2018 E-Newsletter

After an unusually calm year of solid performance for capital markets in 2017, investors experienced a much bumpier ride in 2018. Downward volatility resurfaced in the first quarter, and though markets moved generally higher through the summer months, a sharp sell-off in the fourth quarter meant that most asset classes registered negative returns for the year.

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11 Jan 2019

The Steele Group’s 2019 Market Update

Following over two years of straight up growth, the markets have now returned to more normal periods of volatility. While these are a regular and expected part of market activity, it’s never a good feeling to experience.

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19 Oct 2018

The Steele Group’s Q3 2018 E-Newsletter

During a period characterized largely by trade uncertainty, global asset markets delivered mixed results for the third quarter of 2018, with the U.S. equity market reaching new highs and outpacing many of its global counterparts.

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01 May 2018

The Steele Group’s Q1 2018 E-Newsletter

Global capital markets experienced marked turbulence for the first time in more than a year in the first quarter of 2018. What follows is a brief summary of how some of the major markets and asset classes performed during the period.

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06 Feb 2018

The Steele Group’s Feb 2018 Market Update

Market Graphic (146 x 70)On Friday we saw a large drop of 2.12% on the S&P 500, 1.61% on the TSX and 2.54% on the Dow Jones. This was a reaction due to stronger than expected employment numbers from the US job report, meaning that the unemployment rate in the US is lower and more importantly lower than expected, which is a great thing. But when there is any unexpected news the market reacts positively or negatively – in this case it was negative.

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22 Jan 2018

The Steele Group’s Q4 2017 E-Newsletter

Q1 Graphic (146 x 70)Most global equity markets registered healthy results in the fourth quarter of 2017, capping off a strong showing for the year as they responded to encouraging economic data, low interest rates, tepid inflation and expanding corporate activity.

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10 Nov 2016

U.S. Election Commentary

TrumpDonald Trump’s election as the next U.S. president was not a popular choice for capital markets. However, it appears to represent the average American’s demand for change. Bond, stock and currency markets were very volatile during 24 hours leading up to the election. Stocks are 2-3% higher from the lows, while bonds, foreign currencies and gold bullion are 2-3% lower from their highs. Market reaction calmed following Trump’s victory speech, which was a lot more modest than his campaign speeches.

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27 Jun 2016

Brexit Market Commentary

BREXITIn an historic development, U.K. citizens have voted in favour of their country leaving the European Union (EU) by a slim margin of 52% to 48%. The news triggered a dramatic reaction on global financial markets on June 24, with share prices declining sharply and prices for bonds and gold increasing. In currency markets, the U.S. dollar was up against most currencies, while the euro and British pound dropped.

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15 Jan 2016

The Steele Group’s Q4 2015 E-Newsletter

The Steele Group’s Q4 E-Newsletter: As we enter a new year, global capital markets have been volatile, continuing the challenging conditions that characterized much of last year. Although the global economy is still slowly growing, many bond and equity markets are being affected by a combination of factors, including several sharp sell-offs in the Chinese stock market, sinking commodity prices, soft economic data and uncertainty surrounding the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis.

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24 Aug 2015

The Steele Group’s Q2 2015 E-Newsletter

Q2 Graphic (146 x 70)Global capital market volatility increased during the second quarter of 2015 as investors considered slower economic growth forecast, delayed interest rate increases, and later in the period, the increase potential for international market shocks. We must keep in mind this is not another 2008, the global economic factors are very different now, and that volatility and minor corrections are a normal part of the equity markets.

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13 Jul 2015

The Greek Referendum Market Commentary

EurozoneWith Greece and the Eurozone dominating the headlines over the past week we felt it necessary to send out a Market Commentary to help frame the overall issue and put some facts into prospective. The Greek Referendum on July 5th did have an impact on the market around the world, but we must be cautious not to be swayed by media sensationalizing the issues.

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06 Jan 2015

AssetTV MASTERCLASS Outlook 2015

The rising equity markets, rising dollar, oil’s 40% slide, possible FED liftoff, and central bank divergence are all hot topics for 2015. Find out what our panel of experts think will happen as we look towards the new year.

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02 Jan 2015

How to transition to retirement

If you’re transitioning into retirement, here is a checklist of what you need to do as you start counting down towards one of the biggest changes of your life.

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04 Jul 2014

TSG at the 2014 Men in Heels Charity Walk

The third annual Men in Heels event was another resounding success raising over $27,000! Thank you to all our client and friends that sponsored our office – this event is a success because of all of you. All proceeds of the event go to Nova Vita Domestic Violence Prevention Services. Click Here For More


26 Feb 2014

Financial Advisors Act Coming to Canada… Maybe

Introduced three days ago, a new private member bill tabled by Sudbury, Ont. MPP Rick Bartolucci is already garnering industry attention. The bill will provide the financial services industry with the power to establish a code of ethics.

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14 Jan 2014

The Steele Group’s Q4 2013 E-Newsletter

A look back on 2013 and what’s to come. Every three months we publish a one page article about various financial topics, from market summaries, new tax laws and trends in the financial services industry.

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