Who We Are

We are a “boutique” consulting firm that is large enough to provide the needed resources, depth, experience and knowledge but small enough to be responsive, nimble and able to truly customize the delivery of benefits and communications. By a dedication to technology, to process through the ISO 9001:2015 designation and continual education, the firm is positioned to provide “one of a kind” consulting services.

Why Work With Us

Our philosophy and practice is Do What’s Right for each client. This is no idle motto but rather a factual representation of what we do. Clients’ interests are our main priorities.

We know how to do it. We are proud of the ISO 9001:2015 Registration. Our processes are audited each year to ensure that we meet rigorous ISO standards.

We can prove it. Commissioned professional research has demonstrated that our clients believe we provide high levels of knowledge, education and care. Client testimonials demonstrate why our retention rates exceed 99%.

What We Do

We educate. We help individuals, employees and human resource managers understand the financial products that are available on the market today and which are best suited to their specific needs. We help them make informed and educated decisions about the options that are available to them.

We design group savings plans. We educate and assist companies to navigate through the complex options of group RRSP, DPSP, DBPP and DCPP to maximize the value of your plan. We also help to monitor those programs and assist with CAP/CAPSA guidelines to ensure our clients meet all regulatory requirements.

We design effective, efficient life & health benefits plans. We design the most cost efficient programs that provide the best benefits to your employees at a cost structure that meets the financial realities of your company.

Our Mission

To dedicate our time, effort and skills to help
individuals and businesses realize their financial goals



  • Client Success

  • Building relationships

  • Integrity and honesty

  • Progressive technology

  • Challenges

  • Continual education and personal growth

  • Accountability for our actions

  • Strictest standards of operations compliant with the financial industry and ISO


Our Goals

  • Expand the diversity of our business

  • Deliver fast, friendly and professional financial services

  • Provide a work environment conducive to excellent work habits

  • Instill the importance of continual education and personal growth

  • Empower each employee to make meaningful contributions

  • Achieve financial success for our clients

  • Improve our participation in the community at large


Quality Policy

  • The Steele Group is committed to providing thorough financial services and excellence in every aspect of operations.

Our quest for quality is a continuous process involving:

  • The identification and documentation of customer needs

  • The development, organization and implementation of services to meet those needs consistently

  • Feedback from clients to assess the company’s performance

  • Action on client feedback to improve the company’s standards

  • The Steele Group’s quality management system ensures that customers receive quality, reliability and integrity in the products and services provided to them and that their needs and expectations are met as well as the requirements of the financial industry

Meet your Dedicated Financial Experts

Cliff Steele

Financial Planner, Partner

Mario Mota

Financial Planner, Partner

Mark Wiesel

Financial Planner, Partner

Say hello to our Consultants

Neel Aggarwal

Estate and Insurance Specialist

Group Retirement and Benefits

Sheilagh McGovern
Brett Brohman
Brett Brohman

Group Retirement and Benefits

Meet the Team

Michelle Steele

VP Finance

Michelle Meyer
Michelle Meyers

Office Manager

Kelsey Fullerton

Manager Client Services & Resource Planning

Cintia Mota

Team Lead

Denise Regnerus

Service Associate

Katie O'Neil

Service Associate

Tiffany Reinhardt

Service Associate

Nekesha Auld

Service Associate

Patrick O'Rourke

Service Associate

Priyanca Patel

Administrative Assistant

Moreau Teixeira
Moreau Teixeira

Client Services Specialist

Victoria Faucher
Victoria Faucher

Client Services Intern

Mariya Patel
Mariya Patel

Client Services Intern